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Solar Performance

Our exclusive InShade 100 optical white fabric is one of the best solar reflective fabrics available for your home and outperforms most commercially available solar control fabrics.

InShade 100 does double duty:

● Reflecting 72% of the suns energy to keep your room cooler.
● Transmitting 21% as soft diffuse natural light to keep your room bright even on overcast days.

And while other shades lose solar performance as they get dirty; with machine washable InShade sails it is quick and easy to maintain the looks and performance of your sails.

Calculated total solar energy transmittance, gtot, shading coefficient, (SC), and shading factor, Fc, values of the tensARC InShade samples when used as internal shading in combination with the stnadard glazings of EN 13363-1 (11)


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